Be a part of the team! Join us in accelerating space exploration! Play LunaRush and help find Lunar Ice obscured by the sun!

Intel worked with the NASA Frontier Development Lab - a public / private partnership between NASA and world leaders in Artificial Intelligence, to develop LunaRush, a game made for space enthusiasts and citizen scientists to help train the next generation of Lunar Rovers using AI.

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Intel AI solution technology for space exploration.

It costs nearly $25,000 to bring a gallon of water into space; so locating ice on the moon is a vital step forward in human space exploration. But trying to find where lunar ice actually exists on the moon is an extremely difficult task.

This AI application was developed by Intel and FDL. Intel worked with the NASA Frontier Development Lab, a public / private research partnership between NASA and leaders in AI from the commercial sector, to create LunaRush, where space enthusiasts and citizen scientists help train lunar navigation systems using AI. In LunaRush your job is to tag the most promising craters to explore for resources. However, this isn’t just a game; the application allows users to flag raw lunar images from the LRO mission, providing real tangibility to exploration goals. The resulting tagged data will be used to improve lunar crater detector algorithms for utility towards future lunar resource missions.

Intel ® technologies are ideally suited to support training and improving computer vision algorithms. Our processors enable us to use high compute workloads more cost effectively and efficiently, to improve accuracy and speed of computer vision algorithm. Intel suite of tools, libraries, frameworks and hardware, from low power devices to field-programmable hardware to datacenter platforms back on Earth can be used for accelerating space exploration via model training and data mining. Our AI research efforts cover the entire spectrum of industries and use cases.

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